Best Green Energy Options For Your Home

Best green energy options for your home

Going green can actually save you from paying heavy electric bills if you utilize it in the right direction. There are a lot of ways to produce green energy at smaller levels like homes and apartments but you have to be proactive and research the best suitable option before doing any investment.

Let us discuss the best green energy options if you are planning to depend on renewable energy sources for your home.

1. Solar shingles

Solar shingles are the newer form of solar panels and are pretty appealing. Traditional solar panels are not only expensive to install but also utilizes maximum space of your property. To install solar panels, you may require a lot of rooftop or backyard space along with heavy investment.

If you have a beautiful home and you want to go for the latest renewable methods, solar shingles are the best green energy option for you. Solar shingles are similar to solar panels but the difference lies in their small structure which is exactly like a roof tile. They are easily fixed with the formation of your roof and seems like your roof is made from solar panel tiles.

The proof solar shingles is that you don’t have to do heavy investment in them. They require little care and are your home also looks beautiful and modern.

2. Solar heating

If you are not having much money to use renewable resource for your whole home, you can always go for little things in your home to go green. For example, there are solar heating equipment which help you to warm water, room or even food (in the case of solar ovens) in your home. They are easily affordable and require a little amount of space to heat up the water/food you want for your routine. This is the cheapest form of energy as it requires no electricity or gas to work and also requires little care. You can always cut off from electricity bills by having a solar heating system at your home.

3. Wind turbines

You don’t have to pay too much for wind turbines because you can also install them at a smaller level with little investment. The extra energy generated by wind turbines will be fed to the grid station and they will ultimately owe you for this. Energy produced by such equipment is a source of return on investment in the long years. They also add a value to your home as you have done a pretty good investment in them.

The only downside is that they won’t work if the wind is not blowing and you will end up using electricity from the grid. There is another option for this problem which is going for the “Hybrid” option in which you rely on both of sun and wind for your energy consumption.

This might requires a good investment in the start but will completely cut you from grid station dependence.