12 Fascinating Facts About Renewable Energy

12 fascinating facts about renewable energy

We all know that renewable energy is the new Don Carleon in town and it is going to take over all other forms of energy. With depleting fossil fuels and increased demand for energy consumption, it has become the priority for the governments to depend on the sources which are natural and renewable.

Canada is adopting renewable energy as the primary source by depending 60% of its consumption on it. The government is not only supporting people to rely on green energy but is also giving them subsidies and incentives if they invest in renewable energy setups.

You know the basics of these renewable resources but you will be really amazed to know certain fascinating facts about renewable energy in Canada. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. In Canada, 10,000 homes consume from solar energy which is produced in Sarnia, Ontario producing 80 megawatts! This solar farm is also Canada’s largest solar farm.
  2. Canada ranks 9th in the world in wind-generated energy; another form of renewable energy!
  3. The first ever community to use the district-heating model in Canada was Oujé-Bougoumou, Quebec. It worked on heating the water in one main boiler which was transferred to the residents.
  4. With having an abundant water supply in the country, Canada has the world’s first tidal generating station in Annapolis Tidal Station in Annapolis Royal, N.S.
  5. The natural gas pipeline of Canada is long enough to circle twice the earth and have a length of 73,000-kilometre.
  6. By 2050, most of the world will totally rely on solar energy due to its abundance and easy conversion to energy.
  7. After China and Brazil, Canada ranks 3rd in producing largest hydroelectricity in the world.
  8. Do you know how much energy a single wind turbine can generate? Imagine having 400 homes relying on it! Yes, it is true!
  9. As compared to the fossil fuel industry, renewable energy can generate 5 times more job opportunities in the world.
  10. The major tech giants of the world like Google, Facebook and Apple work on a strategy of “Green Internet” by generating green energy to operate their systems.
  11. The first geothermal heating system was invented by a professor in Ohio State University in 1948.
  12. In Mojave Desert of California lies the world largest concentrated solar power (CSP) plant!

With green energy being a simple concept it is easy to comprehend its importance to our environment. We will create a safe world for future generations if we strive today.