Pros And Cons Of Wind Energy

What are the pros and cons of wind energy

Many companies across the country started following the Carbon Neutral Government Program’s principles by taking responsibility for their greenhouse emissions and trying to reduce them as much as possible. The list of carbon neutrality companies is constantly growing, and such Canadian giants as Maple Leaf Foods, and Novex can be found among them.

Unlike solar energy, wind energy is the best renewable resource, and it has many pros and cons. In 2019, 13,417 MW of wind energy was generated which was enough to power 3 million homes. Canada is going green by increasing renewable resources to utilize its energy consumption. It is also empowering small owners and other homeowners to invest as much as they can in this green energy program.

Talking about going green, the cheapest form of renewable energy is wind energy. We humans can’t depend on coal and oil throughout our lives. These natural resources are going to end sooner or later.

If you are planning to have a wind turbine in your area, you must know certain pros and cons of wind energy.

Pros of wind energy

  1. The best thing about wind energy is that it can never deplete, unlike fossil fuels. So, you can always rely on it.
  2. Wind energy is environment-friendly as it’s the only clean source and does not produce any harmful pollutants nor you have to use any chemicals in electricity production from it.
  3. You may have to pay for the whole set up but you don’t have to pay for ‘wind’ It’s a natural resource and totally free of cost.
  4. If you are producing more energy than your usage, this energy can be fed into the grid of your electric company and the company itself will owe you.
  5. If you are renting your land for a wind turbine installation, you will be benefited from the incentives given by the government.
  6. Job growth has been increased by the growth of the wind energy industry.

Cons of wind energy

  1. Installation of wind energy is very expensive. In Canada, it costs $1.3 million to $2.2 million per MW for non-commercial use. For commercial use, the price goes up to $4 million.
  2. Wind is not reliable. If it is not blowing you can’t generate electricity from it as it works only 30% of its capacity.
  3. Wind turbines are also a threat to wildlife like birds and other flying creatures in the landscape. The blades of the turbine can kill the birds.
  4. These giant turbines can also be a safety hazard to the people living or working nearby. Strong storms and wind can damage it easily and there may be a chance of falling turbines to the residents.
  5. Your TV receptions can badly damage due to the turbines interference.
  6. Installing a wind turbine can make you go through heavy subsidization by the federal government.

Everything has its own pros and cons but one should always look into the broader aspect. Wind turbines might be expensive but the fastest growing industry is making a new window for more competitors. The prices are going to be lowered. You are not only going to save a lot of money by generating electricity from wind energy but can also contribute to saving your environment.