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The Stop’s Farmers’ Market at Wychwood Barns

By: Francine Mansur Telles

The Stop’s Farmers’ Market was one of the 150 events during Green Energy Doors Open that showcased community efforts to becoming more sustainable. The Stop’s Farmers’ Market is located at Artscape Wychwood Barns; a converted heritage building that was once a streetcar maintenance facility. It now contains artist housing and studios, office space for many local community groups and the general public, and The Stop’s Green Barn, which houses public green space, a greenhouse, and hosts the weekly farmers’ market.


#GEDONA Weekend: “I Drive Electric” Week

By: Yvonne Ho

Sept 9-11th 2016 was the 5th annual Green Energy Doors Open (GEDO), a campaign organized and spearheaded by Ontario Sustainable Energy Association to spread positive messages about successful green energy initiatives all over Ontario, Alberta, and BC. The projects being showcased ranged from Passive Houses, to solar PV-powered homes, to off-grid homes, as well as various other large commercial-scale projects. As a long time electric vehicle (EV) enthusiast, I chose to attend an EV event organized by Plug n Drive, called “I Drive Electric Cruise” which was also part of National Drive Electric Week (September 10-18th).


Field Trip to Hamilton’s Woodward Wastewater Treatment and Cogeneration Plant

By: Yvonne Ho

Last month I had the opportunity to go on a field trip to Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hamilton with a group called Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE). WiRE is group that focuses on advancing women’s role in the renewable energy sector through monthly networking meetings, educational field trips, mentoring programs, and other engagement initiatives. As a newer professional entering the renewable energy space, I have been a member of WiRE for almost one year, and have found all of their programs to be immensely rewarding and enriching.


Steam Whistle Brewing Celebrates Green Initatives

By: Francine Mansur Telles

Steam Whistle is well – known to ‘do one thing really really well’, which is making fantastic a world class Pilsner. However, after touring their brewery during Green Energy Doors Open, it is clear that they do more than one thing; they are one of Canada’s greenest breweries and are creating ways to help save our planet through their many green initiatives.


The REEP House for Sustainable Living

By: Colin Gu

Throughout its 17 year history, the REEP Green Solutions has spared no effort in providing environmental sustainability education and guidance in Waterloo Region. REEP offers a multitude of energy efficiency programs, including Home Energy Coach, RAIN Educational Workshops and student programs across the domains of residential, business and community outreach. The REEP House for Sustainable Living, located in the picturesque downtown Kitchener, showcases how a collection of modern-day technologies can cut down not only on utility costs, but also on environmental impacts for a typical century old home at a reasonable price. On September 10, REEP participated in the 2016 Green Energy Doors Open, a province-wide campaign showcases renewable energy projects, energy efficiency measures, green technologies and more. Danielle Laperriere, the Plan Manager of ClimateActionWR, presented on the changes people can make in daily lives, at home and at work, to contribute to the community carbon reduction target.


Passive House Retrofit: Five Years After

By: Ed Marion, Greening Homes


More than five years have passed since my wife, daughter and I moved back into our newly reconstructed home, a home designed following PassivHaus principles. We witnessed and participated in the effort that went into turning a 50s bungalow built without any energy conservation in mind into one of the most energy efficient homes in Canada. In Canada? Really? That’s an awfully bold claim to make, but as the data shows, it might not be a stretch.


Young Professionals Leading the Way

By: Craig Stephens (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)

ELSE (emerging leaders for solar energy), is a network of young professionals, students, and solar advocates who want to build a strong solar energy future across Canada.

ELSE fosters these leaders by providing participants with new skills and knowledge, professional development opportunities, and connections within industry and government.


GEDO Living Architecture Tour #LivingArchTOur

By: Yvonne Ho

What is the Living Architecture Tour?

The Self-Guided Living Architecture Tour is a self-guided tour of several green, vegetative roofs and walls found all across the city. Many people aren’t aware of these living infrastructure since most of them are often hidden atop buildings or behind closed doors.


The Making of a Healthy Energy Efficient Home

By: Greening Homes

This healthy home renovation will be featured during Green Energy Doors Open, September 10. For details and to register visit:

Houses are becoming more energy efficient than ever before. They will become even tighter due to changes to Ontario’s Building Code, which come into effect in January. This is good. The more airtight the building, the less reliant we are on fossil fuels to heat and cool them.

There’s a catch, however.


Making Solar Useful in More Ways than One

By Craig Stephens (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)


Meet Dynamic Solar Tech (DST), a leading solar solutions provider that has been installing architecturally beautiful solar installations in the GTA since 2008. The firm installs residential, commercial and governmental solar systems – and everything else in-between. They have been building a name for themselves in special solar installations and applications sometimes referred to as building-integrated and building-applied photovoltaic solutions (BIPV and BAPV).