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Beach Community Energy Co-op: Inspiring a Greener Generation

By: Princie Reza (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)

Beach Community Energy Co-op (BCEC) was the winner of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s (OSEA) 2017 Powering Prosperity Awards for ‘Community Developer of the Year’.  BCEC is a renewable energy cooperative working towards a sustainable future in which our energy needs are met through solar energy. The co-op is composed of community members, neighbours, and parents of Kew Beach Junior Public School. They have also participated in OSEA’s Green Energy Doors Open in 2016, celebrating their work in community cooperation. (more…)


Anvil Crawler Development Corp. paving the way for Renewable Energy in Ontario

By: Nayel Halim (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)

Anvil Crawler Development Corp. was this year’s winner of the Developer of the Year Award at OSEA’s 7th annual Powering Prosperity Awards dinner celebrating Ontario’s sustainable energy champions.

Anvil Crawler is a sustainable developer that seeks to reduce Canada’s reliance on traditional fuel sources by offering alternative and sustainable solutions for electricity consumers. With the lack of energy storage options hindering progress of the Green energy sector, this energy developer is finding solutions by developing sustainable options for energy production and storage. (more…)


Economic Development Corporation of Wawa Lighting the Path for Community Building

By: Nayel Halim (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)

The Economic Development Corporation of Wawa (EDC of Wawa) was the winner of this year’s Community Project of the Year Award presented by Enbridge Gas Distribution at the annual Powering Prosperity Awards event. The EDC of Wawa was recognized for its leadership in sustainable energy planning and demonstrating best practices for community partnership and engagement. (more…)


Bullfrog Power – Winner of the 20/20 Leader of the Year Award

By: Mike Skirzynski (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)

OSEA was very pleased to award Bullfrog power this years’ 20/20 Leader of the Year Award at the 7th annual Powering Prosperity awards, recognizing their contributions to advancing renewable energy across Canada. Those who walk along pathways in Canada may be familiar with Bullfrog’s logo on the lawns of households who have chosen to green their electricity by signing up with the company. However, Bullfrog does more than provide homeowners a means to clean up their electricity, it also offers these bundles to condo and apartment owners, as well as businesses of any size; they even offer packages to students for as little at $5 to power their laptops using renewable energy! (more…)


Off-Grid Sea Container Cabin fulfills L.A. man’s childhood dream

By: Victoria Rioux (Sea Container Cabin)

Nestled in Kawartha Lakes lies an Off-Grid Sea Container Cabin made of 7 shipping containers. Designed by Jason Rioux, Vice President of NRStor and founder of Sea Container Cabin, the ‘Octopod’ features a unique Hub-and-Spoke design. The ‘Hub’ is a large centre octagon-shaped great room and each radiating container is a ‘Spoke’ that serves a different purpose – from a kitchen, dining, bathroom and bedroom to a workshop.


YSEC Supports Sustainable Business

By: John Connell (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)

Founded in 2004, York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants (YSEC) combines the skills of current and former students in York University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Masters in Environmental Studies (MES) programs to provide research and advisory services in the area of sustainable business. The group’s collective experience spans environmental consulting, strategic planning, finance, planning, waste management, sustainable/renewable energy, project management, and industrial design. Spanning these diverse professional backgrounds, YSEC’s consultants share a common aim: to advance social, environmental and economic sustainability by promoting responsible business strategies and practices.


CoPower Inc: Investing for a Good Cause

By: Yvonne Ho

The following is an interview with Lauryn Drainie, Manager of Marketing and Engagements at CoPower.

 CoPower is a Canadian start-up that partners with energy efficiency and clean energy development firms to finance projects that reduce carbon emissions while generating strong financial returns. Projects they finance centre around solar energy, energy efficiency improvements, LED lighting, and geothermal heating and cooling.


WSDG Tours OSEA’s Green Energy Doors Open 2016

By: Waterloo Sustainable Development Group (WSDG)


Alfarra, Castellan and Chow at Anvil Crawler

WSDG partners Tarek Alfarra and Ian Chow took part in this year’s edition of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s “Green Energy Doors Open” province-wide three-day expo where they toured and cemented links with a number of participating community and commercial sustainable energy entities and businesses across Ontario, Canada.


The Changing Face of Harbourfront Centre

By: Colin Gu

Contributor: Allison Annesley (Efficiency Capital)

I recently learned Harbourfront Centre is a not just a popular destination. It’s also a model for how to tackle climate change, one building at a time. Harbourfront Centre has a rich history tied to its location, just steps from Lake Ontario. A variety of industrial facilities and warehouses dating back to the early 20th century have been re-purposed as cultural venues, thanks in large part to their ideal acoustics. Harbourfront Centre attracts millions of visitors every year but my last visit wasn’t to watch a show. I came during Green Energy Doors Open, which happily coincided with an amazing on-site vegetarian food festival. The food was delicious fuel for learning about how Harbourfront Centre used future utility cost savings to pay for energy efficiency upgrades in buildings that were constructed in the 1920s.


#GEDONA Weekend: Sustainable Sunday at The Living City Campus

By: Yvonne Ho

On Sept 11th, GEDO and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) collaborated to host the “Sustainable Sunday” event at the Living City Campus at Kortright, located in the City of Vaughan. TRCA is a not-for-profit environmental organization that works together with partnering organizations, corporations and the municipal government to protect and restore the health of our urban environment to create a greener and cleaner living space. Their main areas of expertise include ecological protection, sustainable community development, and environmental education.